Captain Patrick

Help Captain Patrick help the USVI and BVI!

We’ve partnered up with Captain Patrick Cena, a resident of St. Thomas to help coordinate his next cross country trip to gather supplies and raise funds for victims of hurricane Irma and Maria in the USVI.

As you all know the USVI, BVI, and Puerto Rico have been almost completely wiped off the earth by two major hurricanes. Irma hit us on September 6 as a strong category 5 storm, and Maria hit Puerto Rico and St. Croix as a category 5 ten days later. People’s homes, businesses and lives have been lost. Luckily for me, my home has survived Irma and all of my belongings are accounted for. However, my charter business will be affected for some time. During this time of pause as the islands begin to recover, I would like to dedicate my time helping restore normalcy to my home.

Most of you probably know my story. If not, let me tell you. I moved to St. John US Virgin Islands around 1994 and have lived there ever since. Shortly after I arrived in Coral Bay, St John, we were hit by hurricane Marilyn. Marilyn (1995) was a catastrophic storm and left our home without power for six months. Most of the islands were unable to function for at least a year or so. The aftermath is truly the toughest part of dealing with catastrophic hurricanes. Truly the only way this can be done is for people to support each other and love each other through each individual’s plight. In my time there the most beautiful things happened in my life. I became a charterboat captain, and as time passed was given the opportunity to have my own charter business. I feel very much inclined to help the islands recover since that is exactly what the islands did for me.
After 24 years of living and working in the waters of the Virgin Islands I have made thousands of friends and connections, but the strongest friends and connections are with the people of all of the islands in the USVI and the BVI’s, and also all of the charter guests from around the world. Please know that although my own livelihood is affected, 100% of the donations I receive will go toward helping others.

Follow Patrick’s journey day to day via the interactive map below.

Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Knoxville, Nashville, Asheville, Charleston, Jacksonville.

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